Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who's Goin' Home??

Dear God, PLEASE let it be Andrew Garcia! Seriously though, the Idol Top 12 took on the songs of The Rolling Stones last night and it was surprisingly tolerable. I've never been a big "Stones" fan but, overall the show wasn't bad. Garcia was horrible as usual. Winner of the night, Siobhan Magnus...girl was THE standout once again. In other IDOL news, there's an online petition (which I signed by the way) to bring Alex Lambert back. The fact that Lambert, who hadn't had one bad performance, was cut in favor of Garcia is LUDICROUS! Garcia has only had one good performance, and that was BUTCHERING "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul. Go and sign the petition to BRING ALEX LAMBERT BACK! And, watch Idol tonight to see Andrew Garcia cry those big tears when his ass GETS SENT HOME...

Betty White on LENO

Just another reason why Betty White is the baddest bitch in Hollywood...

Monday, March 15, 2010


The UK Wilcats have won their 26th SEC Tournament! Now, their on their way to the first round of the NCAA Tournament, playing Texas Thursday in the Big Easy. Way to go CATS!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Planets Have Aligned

Betty White is going to host Saturday Night Live! Tune in May 8th to see this legend show the new kids how it's REALLY done!


The CATS are playing the SEC Tournament as we speak. View it on the SEC Network on CBS or on ESPN360!

American Idol 2010

Boy do I have a lot to talk about here. I'm becoming really dissatisfied with American Idol. First of all, they got rid of Paula (or, she decided not to renew her contract), whatever happened, she's not there anymore. AND I MISS HER! Now, Simon is leaving at the end of the season. WTF??? And, he's starting X-Factor in America: FAIL...IDOL might as well go off the air without Simon. The only redeeming factor this season has going for it is the addition of Ellen DeGeneres on the judging panel. I know, she has no real background in music. But, I think she kind of speaks for the general viewing public. She knows what she likes, and she knows what she doesn't like. She's not always right (like I am, go back and view my previous Idol posts) but, she's good comic relief since Paula has flew the coop.

Now on to the contestants. Bless their hearts. The only one that I can possibly see being anything resembling a superstar (which IDOL is supposed to produce) is Casey James. So, my prediction is that he will win this year. American done booted off two of the other good ones, Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott. I'm with Lilly "I don't know what America wants to hear." And GOD SAVE ME from Andrew Garcia!!! If I hear him butcher one more vapid '80's or '90's pop song that was ORIGINALLY DONE BY A FEMALE, I'm going to have someone rip both of my eardrums out. HOW THE HELL did he stay when Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott got sent home??? Seriously America, seriously...

OK, So I decided to blog again...

I'm back, much to your delight (maybe the chagrin of some). Once again you'll be privy to my random thoughts etc... So, stay tuned!